The Royal Bengal Tiger…

Capturing the Royal Bengal Tiger was indeed a challenge as this big cat was too fast and furious. At every click my heart skipped a beat coz we were separated by a meter or two and believe me you can’t look into his eyes.  They are really ferocious and scary. The Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore is a must visit and the highlight of the park is this safari ride as you get so close to these wild animals in their natural surroundings.







2 thoughts on “The Royal Bengal Tiger…

  1. Hi, Biswa

    Along with capturing the breathtaking visuals of the Bannerghatta National Park, you have described it very beautifully and reading this article itself gives you feel that you are actually there. Capturing the fury of a bengal tiger in your camera lens is really a challenge. Hope biswa, you have lived the every thrilling moment of interview with this tiger. Well photographed visuals. Hope to visit this place someday.

  2. Its a must visit…Prashant…but try to go between 2-4 pm. U ll enjoy…for sure…n thnx buddy for your coment

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