Viva Carnival 2013, Goa

It’s been a long wait…

Lot of things have happened in the last few weeks. But there is one thing that is still fresh in my mind. The Viva Carnival at Goa. You have to visit Goa during the Carnival. There’s so much to discover. It was pure adrenaline rush…the four day carnival took us through the culture of Goa. Fun, food, dance, music and lots of enthusiasm. Guess it’s there in their blood 🙂

I stationed at Panjim, the main centre of all the extravaganza. The roads were all barricaded for maintaining peace and decorum during the floats display. Tourists, localites, kids, oldies were all engrossed in the colourful floats and their messages.. About 200 floats were displayed during the carnival. Never expected the Goa carnival to be so much fun and enthralling. Hats off to the organizers for pulling this show with utmost perfection & extravaganza.

goa-carnival-018-by-bclicksgoa-carnival-004-by-bclicksgoa-carnival-008-by-bclicks goa-carnival-015-by-bclicks goa-carnival-016-by-bclicks goa-carnival-019-by-bclicks goa-carnival-021-by-bclicks goa-carnival-032-by-bclicks goa-carnival-033-by-bclicks goa-carnival-035-by-bclicks goa-carnival-036-by-bclicks


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